Financing and supporting high-potential SMEs in their growth projects

Our tool : Capital Investment

To strengthen the equity of Senegalese and Gambian SMEs with high potential and contribute to their development, Teranga Capital proposes a capital investment. The presence of Teranga Capital in the capital of an SME also facilitates access to bank credit and other investors, strengthen the credibility and solidity of the SME.

Nature of funding

Capital investment (minority participation) or a long-term shareholder loan without guarantee and remunerated in proportion to the company's performance. The capital investment can be used for example to finance: purchase of raw materials, opening of production units.

Investment Ticket

Between FCFA 50 and 300 million per company

Investment period

Between 4 and 7 years old. The shares of Teranga Capital are then sold according to the promoter's vision and via a mechanism defined at the time of investment.

Selection criteria

  • Formalized companies or companies with the capacity and will to become one
  • Managed by competent and ambitious entrepreneurs wishing to structure and grow in partnership with an institutional investor
  • With strong growth potential, based on innovation or a clear competitive advantage
  • Active in all sectors of activity and all regions of Senegal and Gambia
  • Presenting opportunities to create positive social and/or environmental impact