Fruits & Berries

Sector of activity :Agro-Alimentaire
Entrepreneur :Youga GUISSE
Creation date : 2019
In portfolio since :2022

Fruits and Berries is a company that specializes in the production of fresh fruit smoothies and juices made from blended or squeezed fruit, with no additives, added sugars, conservatices or coloring.

The company targets consumers who are aware of the health issues related to the consumption of industrial beverages and who value the nutritional value of fresh fruit-based drinks.

A company lead by Youga GUISSE

Fruits & Berries was founded by Youga GUISSE, a Senegalese entrepreneur passionate about agriculture. He graduated in Economics and Finance from the University of Bristol in England and holds a master’s degree in Economic Engineering from the University Pierre Mendes de Grenoble in France. He has more than ten years of experience in digital transformation.

Partnership with Teranga Capital

Fruits & Berries is supported by Teranga Capital through I&P Acceleration in Sahel. This partnership aims at :

  • Set up a production unit in keeping with hygiene and quality standards
  • Increase the production capacity with more efficient equipment
  • Develop a distribution network through partnerships with supermarkets, gas station stores, hotels, cafés and restaurants
  • Increase the company’s visibility and build a strong brand image