Lafrica Mobile

Sector :Tech
Entrepreneur :Malick Diouf
Creation date :2014
In portfolio since :2019

LAfricaMobile is a company specialized in mobile marketing. It allows its customers to carry out large-scale communication in countries such as Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso and Niger in USSD, SMS and Voice (Push, Pull) and Airtime.

It is connected to all WAEMU operators and works with large local companies and NGOs.

A company lead by Malick Diouf

Malick Diouf is a telecommunications network engineer with a degree from INSA Toulouse and a Master’s degree in information systems from the Grenoble School of Management. In 2009, he joined Highconnexion, a start-up specialized in value-added services where he held several positions. With the technical and financial support of Highconnexion’s management team, he decided in 2014 to create LAfricaMobile, an aggregator specializing in large-scale communication for the African diaspora.

Partnership with Teranga Capital

Teranga Capital’s investment in LAfricaMobile aims to :

  • Preparation of the sub-regional deployment and the refinement of the offer
  • Structuration and support for the development of management methods and tools, training
  • Establishiment of contacts with partner companies in Senegal and in the sub-region

Expected impacts

  • Energy management above a certain level of activity
  • Support for the implementation of financial and administrative management tools and strategic committees.