Investment Phase


Subito International is a young company specialized in private transportation (car rental, airport shuttles).


Fruitales is an SME specialized in the transformation and commercialization of fruit and vegetables, mainly fresh chillies.

Fa Confection

Fa Confection by Naty is a young company specialized in traditional and professional clothes and articles. 

Fruits & Berries

Fruits and Berries is a company that specializes in the production of fresh fruit smoothies and juices made from blended or squeezed fruit, with no additives, added sugars, conservatices or coloring.

Frija Décor

Frija Décor is a company specialized in the fabrication of wood, metal and upholstery furniture.


Afrikamart is an agritech that facilitates the pick-up, shipping, and trading of fresh fruits and vegetables between small producers and urban retailers via a digital platform.

Socium Job

Socium.Job is a start-up that connects African companies to job seekers around the world.


Multiservices Agricoles (MSA) is a company in Senegal specialized in the processing of locally grown paddy rice.


Nowelli is a small company that specializes in individual and collective catering (catering service and canteen management).

Teranga Automobiles

Teranga Automobiles is a car garage offering services of mechanical and electromechanical diagnosis, mechanical repair, maintenance, repair and maintenance of air conditioning.


SetTIC is a company specialized in the treatment of corporate waste (waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste characterization audit and recycling of special waste). 

Lafrica Mobile

LAfricaMobile is a company specialized in mobile marketing. It allows its customers to carry out large-scale communication in several countries.

Firefly Media

FireFly Media is an advertising agency specialized in communication within public transport particularly buses.


La Vivrière is an SME specialized in the transformation and commercialization of local cereals (millet, corn, cowpea, fonio).


Matisse is a restaurant complex located in an area of high economic activity in Dakar. It is composed of a bakery, a fast-food restaurant and an ice-cream parlour

Atelier des Génies

L'Ateliers Des Génies is a startup founded in 2015, which develops programs and activities for children aged 4 to 16 and youth aged 17 to 25.


Xoom Wireless is a Gambia-based internet service provider.


KOOD is a young company specialized in the production and marketing of ice cream and frozen yoghurt in different flavours (vanilla, chocolate, bouye, etc.) under the brand name Milky.

Le Lionceau

Le Lionceau is a small company specialized in the production and marketing of smooth purée for children from 6 months to 36 months.

Golden Nuts and Grain

Golden Nuts and Grain is a company specialising in the production of natural juices made from local products such as bouye, bissap and ginger.

Clinique dentaire Le Cap Vert

Clinique Dentaire Le Cap Vert is a health structure created in 2006 and specialized in oral care.


Le Centre d'Appui à l'Initiative Féminine (CAIF) is a training centre specialized in catering, hotel trade, sewing, styling, and hairstyling.

Lysa & Co

Lysa & Co is a company specialized in the processing and marketing of agricultural products such as peanuts, cashew and corn.


COGELEC is an engineering company based in Dakar. The company is present in electrical engineering and line construction works, rural electrification and distribution of electromechanical equipment.

Oui Carry

OuiCarry provides delivery services and allows its customers (individuals and businesses) based in Senegal to buy products from international commercial websites.